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20/04/2024 21:05
Frequently asked questions about InfoLocal Refund and Cancellation Policy - 17/03/2012

The service provides online management and content creation tools for the digital advertising sector

An advert is scheduled to be displayed in one more locations (insertion) and a fee is charged for providing this service.
The insertion will cover display of the advert at the specified location(s) for a minimum number of months (default 12 months).
An inital payment may cover all or only some of the minimum insertion period.

You will be automatically invoiced for each month before it starts.

You can cancel your insertion:

  • At any time up until the advert has been successfully scheduled (see Delivery policy for details) and you will receive a refund on any payment already processed for that order
  • When the minimum amount of months for the specified insertion has passed.

After the minimum number of months for the insertion has passed, billing will continue automatically every month, for the following months display until you cancel the insertion.

On your request, we will remove a previously scheduled advert from the system, but you will still be liable for any remaining cost of the minimum insertion period.

In the event that a display screen becomes unavailable, the advert insertion period will be extended or the advert will automatically be displayed on an alternate suitable screen.

If the insertion needs to be cancelled by InfoLocal. InfoLocal will refund a proportion of the fee paid by the advertiser for the time that the Advertisement was not displayed on a pro-rata basis.

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